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Hi, i'm Kim, Founder of Olive and Rose Real Estate Services. A high-quality listing management agency for real estate professionals.


As a Listing Coordinator for two years, I quickly realized how important systems and organization is in the listing process. It was key for me to create a business that caters to listing processes and the intricacies of it.


Listing a property is a science and an art and so with our collaborative approach, the sky is the limit. A refined framework leads to a sophisticated business where the possibilities then become endless

With a passion for real estate, design, project management, and administration, Olive & Rose Real Estate Services bloomed. 


I was a Transactions and Listing Coordinator for a successful real estate team in Northern Virginia, guiding families in their selling and home-buying journey. I hold a bachelor's degree in Marketing with a minor in Psychology and served in the military for four years as a Human Resources Specialist.

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