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Listing Management

The Listing Management service is a structured formula to the ordinary listing process. With the collaboration of our clients, we take their listings from pre-listing to market with sophistication. Our work reaches the end until our client's listing is Under Contract. 

Investment: $625 / per listing

Project Management in Pre-Listing

Our clients gain clarity on expectations and objectives for the listing on hand.

Organization is key during this process. We ensure our clients have peace of mind and understanding of the full scope of the process and all tasks.

What to Expect:

  • Project Management Plan Development

  • Schedule home-seller projects

    • staging, photography, contracting, cleaning, and more​

  • Request for Information

  • Maintain Communication Between vendors 

  • Manage Project Progress

  • Request Homeowner Association/Condominium Documents

  • MLS Entry 

  • Feature + Utilities Sheet Development 

  • Open House Coordination 

  • Listing Description Write-Up

  • Weekly Reporting

Active-Listing Management

Staying active and keeping an eye on your listing will assist in making any necessary changes to reach its full potential and attract the ideal buyer.

What to Expect:

  • Weekly Reporting

  • Showing Agent Follow-Up

  • Monitor Active Listing

  • Address showing-time changes 

Offer Management

We develop an Offer Comparison Sheet for incoming offers. Ensuring all offers are in one place and ready for review. 

On The Comparison Sheet:

  • Price

  • Down-payment

  • Loan Type

  • Cash

  • Title Company Information

  • Selling Agent Information

  • Contingencies

  • Escalation 

How We Work

We designed a listing framework model with space for flexibility to adapt to various processes from our clients. 


We discuss their listing process and make the necessary changes to  implementation or integration.


We value our clients vision and for this reason we ensure their custom listing process is exactly what it needs to be, with us to assist every step of the way. 


Our implementation method is primarily for clients without a listing process or starting anew.  


We implement our O&R standardized process with flexibility to make it custom to our clients. 


Our integration method is primarily for clients with an undefined listing process.

Undefined processes are when the blueprint for listing a property is available but the in-between of pre-listing to market date is messy. The steps to reach its live market date are undefined.

We'll integrate our listing framework and tweak the areas needed to accomplish our client's vision. 

Investment: $625 / per listing
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