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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there payment plans available for Concierge Listing?

Yes, we have two options:

  • 50% upfront and the remainder 50% due upon completion

  • 50% upfront and if adding on Seller Contract to Close, the remainder 50% due when the property closes (with Seller CTC fee)

Note: The 50% upfront is non-refundable.

My listing was terminated, is there a refund?

You will receive a refund if:

  • On the payment plan the second portion has been paid. If so, 15% will refunded

  • 25% of full payment has been received

Is there a fee if a contract has been terminated?

We do not charge a fee for a cancelled contract. 

Can I submit multiple listings?

Absolutely! Once you're on-boarded, you will have access to your Agent Portal in which you'll be able to submit listings as they arise. 

How do I get started?

Book a call! Once we have scheduled a call, we will discuss your listing process. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate both processes into one, ensuring the framework aligns with you. 

Book a call, here

Are you available out of office hours?

No. We are only available during work hours. 

I don't have a listing process, is this right for me?

Absolutely! Concierge Listing is perfect for:

  • Agents who don't have a process

  • Agents whose current process doesn't align anymore

  • Agents who have a defined process and are looking for help in re-structuring their framework with O&R's.

Is there marketing to the scope of work?

No. We currently do not offer marketing services. We do provide free marketing valuable content on our Instagram!

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